Installation of decorative universal type fan coil unit

Column:Industry knowledge Time:2020-05-25

MECO's decorative universal type fan coil unit is a product suitable for vertical blowing or hoisting installation of horizontal air. Beautiful appearance, easy to integrate into a variety of decoration styles. How to install the general surface mounted fan coil? Let's introduce it as follows:

1. The unit shall be installed by professional personnel skilled in such products and relevant local regulations.

2. In order to eliminate the possible accidents during the transportation, the unit coil shall be tested for leakage (1.0MPa) before installation.

3. Before installation, first check whether the preparatory work is ready, such as air pipe, water pipe, wire interface and unit fixed screw.

4. The vertical unit shall be installed on the horizontal ground; the horizontal unit shall be hoisted, and it is recommended that the customer fix it with 6-8mm diameter full thread screw and flat washer, spring washer and nut. The unit shall be hoisted firmly, and the hoisting point shall be tight and strong enough to bear the operating weight and vibration of the unit. When hoisting the unit, the water pan slope shall be more than 5 ° to the drain pipe It is good for condensate outflow.

5. When installing the unit, it is recommended to seal the connection between the water pipe and the unit with flexible connecting pipe and raw tape. When connecting the pipe, do not use excessive force, and the torque should not exceed 205.6n. M, so as to avoid water leakage due to torsional crack.

6. Water filter shall be installed on the water inlet pipe of the unit to prevent dirt from blocking the coil; the water inlet of the unit shall be softened to ensure the heat exchange efficiency of the coil.

7. The water inlet and outlet pipes of the unit shall be equipped with valves, which can cut off the water source when regulating the water flow and maintenance; the pipes shall be pre insulated to avoid the leakage of condensate.