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High static pressure duct indoor unit

High static pressure, long distance air supply

Air volume range: 1600m³/h~4000m³/h

Cooling capacity range: 10000W~28000W

Static pressure range: 120pa~200pa

Horizontal duct type indoor unit

Our fans are made by international professional fan manufacture with stable quality and reliable character with routine dynamic balance precise debug. Fan runs stably and quietly.

Air volume range: 510m³/h~2040m³/h

Cooling capacity range: 2600W~14000W

Static pressure:12/30/50pa

4-way cassette type indoor unit

Gas system indoor unit, 4-way air flowing which can uniform temperature distribution in the room

Air volume range:630m³/h~1800m³/h

Cooling capacity range: 3600W~14000W

Remote controller is standard